Sunday, March 14, 2010


Satyam, Caracas, Venezuela

Brother Satyam, German Alvarez, aged 57, passed away today from severe head injuries caused when a motorcycle hit him at high speed while he was walking across the street in front of his office six days before; he had been in a coma since then. A trained electrical engineer, he worked for various government offices. He was initiated in 1979, a few months after Baba's visit to Venezuela, and was one of the senior-most active Margiis in Venezuela. He had a great passion for ecology and sustainable agriculture. He has a son, Pradiip, who is finishing his undergraduate studies at Florida State University, and a daughter, Satya, aged four, shown in the photo.

Saturday, March 06, 2010


Acarya Pranavananda Avadhuta

Ac. Pranavananda Avadhuta dedicated his life as a wholetimer in 1962, when he was still in his teens, and was initiated by Baba as an avadhuta on January 1, 1963. He succumbed to kidney failure and heart disease. From Kulu in Himachal Pradesh, he was taken to PGI, Chandigarh - a very famous hospital of north India -last evening. His condition was not that good when he was admitted. The end came at 12 noon. He was 67. He will be cremated at Kulu tomorrow by 9.00 am.

Pranavanandajii's contribution to Ananda Marga organization cannot be forgotten. He was Office Secretary for 18 years during Baba's times. (Once Baba said about him that he had immense potentiality). How true it was!. He worked day and night. It is difficult to find another hard working Karmii of Pranavanandajii's stature. Basically he was a Ksattriya, but was also intellectually developed. During his office secretaryship (since 1968), Baba built the organizational systems and executed them. As office secretary, every WT from training centre would go to him for final training before posting. So every worker was known to him, personally. In office, he was the dominating figure.

When Tiljala camp HQs were built, Pranavanadnajii was there. He was also responsible for Madhu Korak (Tiljala MG quarters) and didi's building. In late eightees he was posted in Ananda Nagar, where he left his mark as Karmii. Construction of Rotunda, Power House, Electrification of Ananda Nagar and various land problems in Anandanagar were solved by him.

He had very good knowledge of philosophy and had good command of four languages including their script. His memory was very strong. For a short time he was also PA to Baba.

Ac. Bhaskarananda Avadhuta, Ac. Venkateshvarananda Avadhuta and Ac. Artasevananda Avadhuta were his Diiksa bhratas (the last two were killed by CPM goons at Bijon Setu on 30th April 1982.) Before he was posted as Central Office Secretary, he was working in Kerala. Ac. Acyutananda Avadhuta also worked under him as LFT, before becoming WT.

We are sure that Baba has taken his dear son in His lap.

Ac. Kalyaneshvarananda Avadhuta
(with inputs from Ac. Bhaskarananda Avadhuta and Sarvatmananda Avadhuta)

Dearest and respected all,
I echo the feelings of respected sister Ambika and condole passing away of our dear and respected brother Pranavanandaji.
I know him well before he became the Office Secretary of Baba in which capacity he always pleased Him by exemplary performance and obedience.
There were occasions when I had the opportunity to work with Him very closely. I always found him dynamic , creative , consistent and bold. His love for Baba and His mission , his commitment to Him was never lost sight of and he remained active till his last breath.
He was a great asset of the organisation and mission and his sterling qualities will always inspire us.
May he always play in the sweet, loving and benign lap of Baba.
With deepest regards and affection to him,
In Him,
There was a time at Tiljala, maybe in the early 90's, when a
volleyball game would be organized every afternoon. It was mostly the
volunteers and LFT's who played, but occasionally younger WT's would join in
as well. One afternoon I was surprised to hear wild shouting and cheering
coming from the volleyball field, where the game was usually fairly sedate.
I looked out my window. I saw that Dádá Pran'avánanda was playing for the
first time, and I could understand that he had rallied his team into an
unprecedented fervour for victory, and that the other team was trying to
respond in kind. Dádá Pran'avánanda was incapable of doing anything without
enthusiasm. I have never met a person to whom the word "spirited" better

In Him, Dada Acyutananda

Friday, January 29, 2010


Dr. Ramesh, Ranchi, India

Dr. Rameshvar Prasad Sinha, popularly known as Dr. Ramesh breathed his last on 29th January 2010 at his residence in Ranchi. He was unwell and bed ridden for last three and half years. He was 82. All his family members are followers of Ananda Marga. He was not only an ideal family Margii, he was always a loving and caring father and a renowned paediatrician of eastern India. The President of India honoured him with an award for his services as paediatrician.

Dr. Ramesh was well known in Ananda Marga for his dedication and devotion to Baba and for his sacrifice for His mission. When Baba created the Education, Relief and Welfare Section (ERAWS) in 1963, Baba appointed Dr. Ramesh in charge of it. Baba also gave him the duty of Secretary of Bihar Relief Committee (later called the Ananda Marga Relief Commiittee), and this relief committee under his able guidance did commendable work in providing relief to thousands of people affected by the Bihar drought of 1966-67. Ananda Marga Relief committee is now known as AMURT. He became chairman of AMURT and remained as such throughout his life.

He always actively helped in building up of Anandanagar. He was very active in the Advisory Committee and Working Board (ACB) of the Central Medical Department. All his life he always remained dedicated to His mission. - Ac. Kalyaneshvarananda Avt.

Being a dedicated devotee of Baba, being deeply involved in service projects of the mission and being a medical practitioner, he had many opportunities to be physically close to Baba – particularly during Baba's failing health before His 'Dehatyaga'.

This is an incident of waning days of 1989. Thanks to his regular and sincere sadhana, Dr.Ramesh developed a rare quality of 'intitution'. He was partly elated and partly worried – elated by this achievement and worried about impending downfall.

In December 1989, as per advice of His personal cardiologist Dr.Sunil Sen, Baba was admitted in I.C.U of Woodland Nursing Home, Kolkata. Dr.Ramesh came from Ranchi to see Him. Baba, as usual, was very much pleased to see him. Before Dr.Ramesh could enquire about His health, Baba said: “It is natural that good medical practitioners who are sadhakas also develop intitution, so that they can diagonise and treat the patients in a better way. Isn't it Ramesh?”

Dr.Ramesh nodded and while nodding his eyes got profusely moistened with a feeling of surrender to his Lord. Such is our Master and such was His devotee. Baba kripa Hi Kevalam.

Dedicated unto His lotus feet,
Hamrahi aka S S Goenka

Monday, January 18, 2010


Shri B.D. Rathiji, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

With heavy heart we wish to inform you of the passing of our respected brother Shri B.D. Rathiji of Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. He died this morning at approx. 6:00 a.m. after being admitted to the hospital, of heart failure at an age of 72.

"He is one of the greatest devotees of Baba and always did everything to satisfy Him. He was initiated in 1967 and in his later life was a global AMURT ACB member for many years. Shri Rathiji and his wife were selected by Baba himself to join His European tour in 1979, to take care of His food and other personal needs. Baba also kept him very busy with other important organizational duties and responsibilities throughout many years. In the early 1980s Rathiji stayed in Kolkata and followed Baba's instructions especially for His special plants programs and demonstrations at His house in Lake Garden. In this present situation Rathiji's role in helping to unite the organization was praiseworthy and unforgettable. We are sending our heartfelt condolences to his family members and pray that his soul rest in peace on the lap of Baba." - Ac. Yatiishvarananda Avt

Friday, May 08, 2009


Nitya Vanii, Córdoba, Argentina

Sister Nitya Vanii passed away on May 8, 2009 at 4am in the Mina Clavero Hospital from cancer. Her body was brought to the Master Unit that morning by the Margiis and her daughters, Tapasi and Priiti for viewing. Then in the afternoon, her body was brought to Cordoba for cremation.

Nitya Vanii was a devoted mother and dedicated margii whose passing will be deeply felt throughout Georgetown Sector. She was initiated in the late 1970s in Buenos Aires, her home town. Soon afterwards, she started dedicating time to the Mission, and eventually became an Local Full Time worker (LFT). She worked as an LFT in Bolivia, Paraguay, and Argentina. However, even after her marriage, Nitya Vanii was always available to give her time and energies for Ananda Marga. She was tireless, enthusiastic, and conscientious at all times. She utilized her knowledge of English to translate Baba’s philosophy and other materials that helped out many acaryas working in the sector. Her real passion was education and she was instrumental in translating and preparing educational materials for our schools. Her life was a true example of ideological commitment and spiritual devotion.

Brother Jyotirmaya from Buenos Aires (who stands beside her in the photo taken in 2007): I met Nityavanii for the first time in 1982 in the Jagrti on Mexico Street. I had a close relationship with her because we had children about the same age so our families shared many activities. Then we lost contact for many years because she was moving to different places. She came back here in 2006 and we met again. Her daughter Tapasii is now 25 and Pritii will turn 21 in June.

I saw her for last time a few days before she passed away at the Ananda Marga retreat at Ananda Mayadiipa Master Unit in Córdoba. She was very bad physically, but with a great inner peace and serenity. She spoke in the closing ceremony and told us that she was very happy to participate and she felt a great and deep spiritual vibration. Fortunately I could say goodbye to her with a deep embrace.

She was a very spiritual person and a very good margii. Despite a lot of material and emotional difficulties that she faced during her life, she never gave up her spiritual practices and always was an example following Baba’s Ideology. I feel that we can see in her life an important example of determination and steadfastness in the spiritual life, even in the middle of a hard fight to survive.

Sister Sukrtii: Nitya Vanii was a special sister, quiet and friendly. She was always helping everyone.

Dada Shiilabhadrananda: May she rest in peace on His Loving Lap. Om Shanti.

Viniitá: I met Nitya Vanii last year at a retreat in the Ananda Kuvalaya Master Unit in Paraguay where she organized cultural programmes and asanas classes. Even though she was quiet, her enthusiasm and easy-going personality inspired me. This February retreat at Ananda Mayadiipa Master Unit in Cordoba, I saw her health was very delicate, but she truly enjoyed her time there. It was the perfect place to immerse herself in HIS ever-flowing love. After she found out about her disease, her inner strength and humbleness to face it inspired me. She was very focused and took this hard to bear situation into a path where courage, resourcefullness and complete surrender to HIM was required, setting herself as an example of unconditional love.
May she now be in HIS loving lap forever.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Acarya Narendra Dev, Raipur, India

Acharya Narendra Devjii passed away on 19 February 2009 at 2.00 am in the hospital at the age of 86.

The shraddha ceremony was performed at his residence. More than one hundred Margiis and workers attended the ceremony. He was given state honour by five riflemen from the government of India. Many dignitaries including the Chief Minister and the Governer of Chhattisgarh paid their respects in the ceremony.

He was remembered for his contribution, sacrifice and love for Ananda Marga, the Margiis and workers.

Acarya Narendra Dev was serving as a school teacher when he met Ananda Marga in 1959. He soon became a family acarya and on January 10, 1962 Baba taught him Kapalika Sadhana. He never missed his Kapalika Sadhana even when he was seriously sick. Later Baba taught him micovita sadhana.

In spite of financial difficulties, he resigned from his job in the 1970s to work fully for Ananda Marga. He was the founding chairman of Chhattisgarh Samaja and worked tirelessly for the freedom and justice of the exploited people in the area, leading many marches and movements. Later Chhattisgarh Samaja was a major force in the creation of the Chhattisgarh State in November 2000.

During the State of Emergency, Acarya Narendra Dev was imprisoned in Raipur Jail. When the Emergency was lifted in 1977, Baba appointed him as His Marga Guru Representative to address the Dharma Maha Sammelan at Varanasi.

Acarya Narendra Dev was strictly non-compromising regarding the ideology and devotional principles. He initiated more than 10,000 people, and many of his initiates became wholetime workers for the organization.

Thursday, January 08, 2009


Dharmaputra, Ananda Kanan, USA

Reflections by Bhaeravii:

It is perhaps one of the most mysterious, yet most common every day frailties of the human mind the way we take the people in our lives for granted while they are alive. After all, they have always been around and unless there is some clash or out of the ordinary excitement, we don’t spend time thinking of them in terms of their innate qualities and how those qualities affect us.
But most certainly when a person dies, the mind is circumvented and the anahata chakra, the emotional intelligence, takes over. No matter how much the mind says, I can handle this, the body is reacting in its own way, in its own time, and with its own language, illuminating for us a deeper level of ourselves and how profoundly we are invisibly attached to the people around us.
I met Dharmaputra as Rick Hubbard, one of the local boys in Los Altos, when I was 16, and that is 43 years ago. He was best friends with Guhan, Tom Davis, and they were the essence of what a flower child is in the collective mind. Guhan was tall and lanky with an explosive personality, often with a fresh daisy pushed behind his ear; DP was short in stature like so many dadas and controlled with an easy-going introverted nature, though both were soft spoken, honest, insecure to an extent, and shy. They were like Frick and Frack they were together so much, staying friends all these years. We were part of a large extended group of teenagers with their lives laid out in front of them who went to school together and shared the vision of the approaching aquarian age with all the budding aspects of communalism, environmentalism, activism, and greater depth of inner cognition than our previous generation. Our genetic code demanded self-awareness. The common book of the day was Doors to Perception by Aldous Huxley and inner perception is still the byword.
Dharmaputra married one of his high school sweethearts, Cathy, and she turned him onto Ananda Marga when the first acarya hit the west coast in 1970, right before emergency with the global overseas push by Baba. Dada Vimalananda -- the first one. With no ashrams, DP and Cathy had Dada live with them and their newborn daughter Mia in Palo Alto. This Dada was such a sensation, it was reported in the local newspapers. The waiting lines stretched outside and Dada gave initiations one after another all day long out of the bedroom. Even though the Margii community here today is small, there are thousands of initated margiis who never took any other lessons living here in the bay area and remember meeting Dada V.
I was not one of them. And our paths parted for decades.
In the mid-1990s, I heard DP was living at Ananda Kanan. I telephoned him and it was like no time had passed. He was upbeat and told me how he came back to Baba after living homeless for years right down the street from where I was living. He still kept his meditation practice while homeless and a friend used to visit him and bring him vegetarian food (when I phoned this friend to let him know of DP’s passing, he cried, having spoken to DP two days before and he was upbeat at getting off his pain medication and optimistic). But a chance meeting with Guhan in 2000, and DP and I started to interact again. This time he sent me books. First was Baba's Grace, the perfect first reader. After that, every few weeks, another book would show up in the post. Dada books like Meet My Beloved, Baba books, Some Howl at the Moon: Tantra for Women (which he found in the dumpster after a cleanup of the publication office), and I read each one cover to cover and then wanted to talk about the ideas. These were good reading. I easily exhausted both Guhana and DP with my inquisitive nature.
DP came to visit me for lunch on a trip to stay at the Los Altos jagriti and paint the downstairs hall. Without me knowing, he gave my phone number to the rector at the jagriti and the rest is my history. I met my first acarya and was drawn into the organization even though that was not my intention. My life has never been peaceful since. So you can say DP brought me to AMarga.
I decided to get initiated when Didi Lalita came from the MU, but I was fearful and anxious of being brainwashed or hypnotized (frankly both things eventually happened but not the way I envisioned them). I was so terrified driving up to the jagriti the day of my initiation, I almost passed out. DP stood by me every single day up to the initiation and wrote me the morning of, so I was able to carry his energy with me.
Good morning!
I hope you are having a great morning!
If today is the day that you take your first steps on the Path of Bliss
(ananda marga) then...Good Travels
I know that you have been traveling on a Path for a long time already,
only maybe now it will take on a more serious tone (i don't like this
word serious, for it but I can't think of a better word this early in
the morning)
But again I wish you well for the day and we will see just how Baba
arranges all this stuff for YOU and just what old friends from other
lives you will meet in the process
Also, this is practically full moon of august which is a very auspicious
day in ananda marga as it was the day that Baba initiated his first
deciple at the age of 18 who was a notorious criminal and then was
changed and transformed into a new humanbeing.
Love DP
He also told me about when he decided to come back into the AMarga flow in the early 90s and was to come to live at Ananda Kanan and meet the rector. He said he was so nervous that he booked himself into a local motel for 3 days before he got the nerve up to drive to AK. As he got out of the car, the dada, Shamitananda, walked up to him with his arms outstretched and said WELCOME HOME. He said he relaxed immediately. His relationship with Dada Shamitananda was a lifetime one of friendship, confidence, and trust.
Shortly after arriving at AK, the PP visited NYS and there was a DMS. DP said he wanted to stay in the background, but Dada Shamitananda wanted him to help with the transportation, helping dadas in and out of the cars, and with the kiirtan group meeting the airplane. DP said he was really intimidated and lacked the confidence to do this, but in the video he produced for the DMS, there he is, looking just a dash lost, but right in the middle of flower garlanded dadas.
DP always complained his writing skills were not good, so with our emails, he practiced writing. He would write little stories like a bohemian poet and even without punctuation, spell check, and proper sentences, they were great. I often think about them since he had such a spontaneous type of endearing wisdom that had a balance of pathos and humor without being preachy, and wish he had written more.
here is a good dada ragatmananda story;
i wake up at 4:10 am yesterday morning to guitar and kirtan coming from the room
ocross from mine where is staying
I am a bit disturbed as I now can't go back to sleep and I get up at 5am
anyway, but still...TOO early
During the day i see him and remember to ask him not to play that early in
I tell him and you know how he misunderstands a lot of what you say, well he says
"Yea, I had a dream last night I was being asked to play kiirtan and it was good, good, good, Baba good"
I said nice but please don't play as I can't get back to sleep once I wake up
and I suffer during the day because I have to work all day long"
He acts completely suprised and say" I thought I was only dreaming of playing,not really playing...I was playing??"
So now, we have a new modern-day spiritual sleeping disorder...Sleep Kiirtaning
Love DP
Writing skills might have been the least of his abilities, for being responsible for the maintenance at Ananda Kanan, he was remarkable. There will be a new chapter at AK without DP. Whether dealing with the sewage and cleaning up the lake, installing air conditioning, roofing, washing dishes when no one else would, or the job he most complained about, cutting the massive lawns in summer, he was reliable and ever present. When Dada IK took over being rector at AK, it was a smooth transition and they also became lifelong close friends. DP kept the fleet of cars used for driving instruction in good working order, each one dented to some extent. He would laugh at how terrible of drivers dadas are and how they invariably hit something, adding a new dent to each of the cars over time. But everyone seemed to get their motor vehicle license.
At retreats, bed space was at a premium and a lot of times, a dada would share DP’s room. For as long as he was in AMarga, he was always fascinated by acaryas and developed many close friendships over the years. One time he was telling me about Dada Agra sleeping in his room. They did evening meditation together and then DP went to clean up for bed. Dada was still meditating in lotus on the floor. DP remarked that he got up once or twice to go to the bathroom during the night, each time seeing Dada Agra meditating in the exact same position all night. He was still in the same positon when DP got up at 5am for paincajanya, which made a deep impression on DP.
In 2002, I asked DP to photograph the dadas at the winter retreat for me, labeling their names on the back. I was having a hard time pronouncing the names as well. He sent me a full roll of photographs, every old and young dada identified, as well as Guhan sick in his bed, still shots of his little room, and different dadas and margiis who came to visit for a late night chat sitting on the bed writing in their journals or in the chair next to the computer table.
DP loved the sage of American 60s music, Bob Dylan. Next to Baba, he loved Dylan. He was always turning the dadas onto Dylan lyrics, playing the music or sending out magazine interviews over email. The dadas were delighted with the profound lyrics that would go something like this: broken hearts, broken heads, people sleeping on broken beds; words that never can be spoken, everything is broken. La de dah.
QUESTION: Are there any heroes or saints these days?
DYLAN: A saint is a person who gives of himself totally and freely,
Without strings. He is neither deaf nor blind. And yet he's both. He's the
master of his own reality, the voice of simplicity. The trick is to stay away from mirror images. The only true mirrors are puddles of water.
QUESTION: How are mirrors different from puddles?
DYLAN: The image you see in a puddle of water is consumed by depth: An
image you see when you look into a piece of glass has no depth or
life-flutter movement. Of course, you might want to check your tie. And, of course, you might want to see if the make-up is on straight. That's all the way. Vanity sells a lot of things.
The Bengali-Hindi split never sat well with DP. He chose to almost ignore it. Not liking to spend much time on the telephone anyway, if I spoke about politics or complained in too long winded a manner, he would just sigh and get exhausted, complaining I talked too much. He was a karma yogi at heart. I always felt the split and the absence of the Bengali dadas at retreats deeply disturbed him.
The father of three grown women, DP wanted his daughters to come to retreats. He expressed that he felt he had not spent enough time with each of them while they were young. One year his middle daughter came, but was intimidated by the kiirtan and stood outside the hall. He called me and was upset by this. I said, "don’t pressure her. Let her watch. Kiirtan can be intimidating at first." She did not return, but his youngest daughter, Hope did click with AMarga and they enjoyed a renewed relationship together. About the same time he went to visit his eldest daughter in San Francisco and new grand-daughter. I had never seen him so anxious to please, but he went and they got re-acquainted and got along fabulous. He was very proud of all his daughters and talked about them often to me.
A few years ago DP needed rotator cuff surgery on his shoulder, which is a common sports injury that is the devil to heal from. He went back to work painting a bit too soon and the surgery never healed properly. He could not take allopathic pain medication and had a lot of side effects and reactions, which ended up plummeting him into a spiral of pain and depression, although he still worked with his gentle smile masking the situation. Some days he could not get out of bed.
Through all this he decided to go to Mahaprayan in 07, despite the long travel time. As he arrived in India, his passport came up alert in the airport computer, leftover from a trip decades ago where he and his traveling companions had to leave the country at night out of South India or risk jail. He was held for hours, alone, and interrogated. “I don’t know what happened to me,” he said while retelling me the entire adventure. “I just went crazy and instead of denying I was a Margii, I just ran out into the open area with all the guards and started shouting “Baba Ki Jai!” over and over and “Baba is with you all!” I know they considered me insane. I dont know what came over me, I just let loose. It felt great.” DP was put on the next flight back to the States, putting him in the air almost nonstop for almost two days. He was not only upset for weeks but became a ill again from the stress.
Being on a limited income, doctors just brushed him aside, prescribing drug after drug to make some sort of ugly cocktail he could never get comfortable with. He started restricting calls and interactions at this time, not having his old stamina. Many people commented he was just not himself and seemed to be in trouble.
When a person is gone from your presence, it is just as if they never existed, but then again they are not gone at all.
I keep forgetting to remark on you Baba and Baba Nam Kevelum dreams
It is no joke!
It is said that you can't hallucinate Baba's image. It isn't a
hallucination or mirage, that only you know about.
It is for a reason that He has come into your mind.
That is how He can communicate with any person anywhere anytime who
want/need to see/feel his presence
That his how I realized his greatness and divine purpose
that will be in my story
but it is enough to say that it was/is one of the very very few
experiences that truly changed my life...changed in the positive
spititual sence... which is true change... others changes that are not
on a spiritual level are always temporary [you said once that guhan
overused this word spiritual but you know what i mean]
If you see Him either in a dream or while meditating...then He has come
to you for a reason that you may or may not realize at the time
And baba nam kevalum mantra he gave to all and said that that mantra
was more powerful than ANY negitive force on earth.
There are many many stories testifying to that and I have experienced it
many times
Love DP

Friday, December 19, 2008


Anirvadeva, Curitiba, Brazil

From Brother Amit: amit[at]

[Português em baixo]
Our beloved brother Anirvadeva (Anderson Ayres Pelanda) has left to join our beloved Master Baba. He was 30 years old and died of Friedreich's Ataxia, a a degenerative genetic disease. I would like to comfort his family, but nothing that I say is comforting. But Anirvadeva was a great instrument of Baba, and his body no longer could support his spiritual evolution. He went to meet the Supreme. Anirvadeva was impassioned by Nature, and received a Master's degree in oceanography. He was a permaculturist by passion, he loved to talk about Master Units and ecovillages with brilliant eyes, he knew that this was the path.

Go in peace, brother. He used to say to Baba that we who remain on this planet are doing, in His rhythem, in His time, with His knowledge, but we are doing with pride and certainty that this is the path.

De irmão Amit:
Hoje, 19 de Dezembro de 2008, o nosso querido irmão Anirvadeva (Anderson Ayres Pelanda) foi ao encontro do nosso amado mestre Bábá...

Ele morreu devido a uma doença chamada ataxia de Friedreich. Ele tinha 30 anos. Gostaria de poder confortar a linda família dele, mas nada que diga nesse momento será confortante. Mas tenho certeza que Baba está do lado de todos pois o Anirvadeva, em sua última forma física foi um ótimo instrumento d'Ele. E é por isso que esse corpo foi embora, pois não suportava mais tamanha evolução espiritual. Foi ao encontro do Supremo, quem sabe buscar uma nova ferramenta de evolução. Vamos esperar para que ele volte bem próximo de nós, quem sabe!

O Anirvadeva era um apaixonado pela natureza, e obteve título de mestre de Oceanógrafia da Universidade Federal do Paraná. Permacultor de paixão, adorava conversar sobre o assunto. Quando conversávamos sobre o projeto da ecovila seus olhos brilhavam, ele sabia que esse é o caminho.

Quando ele entrou em coma, na ultima hora de vida a família dele começou a cantar kiirtan, até ele deixar o corpo; No velório antes de ser enterrado eu toquei kiirtan por uma hora e todos acompanharam, mesmo os que não conheciam Baba Nam Kevalam... foi muito lindo.

Anirva, vai em paz! Diz pra Baba que nós, que ficamos aqui nesse planeta, estamos fazendo de tudo, cada um no seu ritmo, cada um no seu tempo, com seu conhecimento, mas estamos fazendo com orgulho e com certeza de que esse é o caminho.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Acarya Shraddhananda Avadhuta, Purodha Pramukha

Dadajii was born in North India in June 1919, and passed away in Ranchi on 15 October, 2008 at the age of 89. After completeing his education, at the age of 25 he was employed by the Central Board of Excise and Customs. He was initiated personally by Shrii Shrii Anandamurtijii in 1954, one year before Ananda Marga began. In 1964, at the age of 45, he dedicated his life as an avadhuta. For nearly two decades he worked in Central Office as the editor of Ananda Marga magazines Prajina Bharatii in English, Hindi and Bengali, and Ananda Yuga and Ánanda Rekha in Hindi. Baba also chose him to serve as the secretary of the Tattvika and Purodha Boards from 1978 to 1990. During those years, Baba designated him to personally teach the highest spiritual lessons, known as Vishesa Yoga.

In 1990, when Shrii Shrii Anandamurtijii left His physical body, the body of purodhas elected him as Purodha Pramukha and President of the Ananda Marga global organization. He served in that capacity until his death.

He was a great spiritualist who personified the teachings of his Guru. He wrote The Sixteen Points: Our Fundamental Duty in 1978, and his autobiography, My Spiritual Life with Baba, was in the final stages of editing when he became Purodha Pramukha. He also loved to write devotional poetry in his native Bhojpurii language.

He was a model of humility, puctuality and discipline. Full of wisdom and inspiration, he was always magnanimous and universalist. He taught that problems, suffering, illness, loss of position or wealth were opportunities to open our eyes to the glory of the Supreme. By achieving spiritual realization, the material world loses its attraction. And his most adorable quality was his wonderful sense of humor, with which he invited everyone to laugh and raise their spirits together. He will be sorely missed.

Saturday, September 06, 2008


Brother Bhuvaneshvar, Brasília, Brazil

Brother Bhuvaneshvar, Manuel Antonio Carrera, was born on April 14, 1952 in Belville, Corodba, Argentina. He was initiated in 1975 by Dada Sumitananda. He came to Brazil in 1976 to attend an Ananda Marga retreat, and never left the country. He had the first Ananda Marga wedding in Brazil at a retreat on Jul13, 1978. He was father of six children: Ravi, Mukunda, Prabha, Jyotish Varupa, Bhisma, Aruna e Jaya. He made by hand jewelry of gold, silver and semi-precious stones. He lived on a small rural land near Brasilia for more than 20 years. He attended Dharmacakra every week and almost every retreat.

He son Ravi writes, "He was a great father. Sometimes we asked him to buy new clothes for himself because his were very worn out. His concern was always that his family was well. I believe that I have never known a person so unattached to material goods, which he said were not necessary. Every morning he woke up at 5:00am to meditate. He listened to kiirtan all day. He was also a fan of George Harrison and Ravi Shankar."

Brother Bhuvaneshvar died on September 6, 2008 at 11:30pm in a motorcycle accident. He was cremated on September 10 at 3:30pm in a beautiful ceremony in the presence of two dadas and one didi and all the Margiis of Brasilia dancing kiirtan, as he loved to do.

Brother Anil wrote: "Living in Brasilia for three years now, I had the privilege to live together with our brother Bhuvanesh throughout this time. He was an example for me, because despite living quite far from Brasilia, he was always present in the weekly dharmacakra. He was a friend, simple-minded, sensitive, polite, and conciliatory, always away from mundane things. He appreciated the simple and beautiful things of life. He was so responsible with his family, who also loved Him very much. He was a great Baba devotee which He expressed in a quite natural way. When He used to speak about the Master, it was with great sincerity and depth. He was a really big brother. When I knew of his death I became very sad, despite our conception of life and death. He is certainly with Baba now, and knowing that I cannot talk to Him anymore, creates a big emptiness inside of me, because I liked Him very much. A short time ago He gave me an unforgettable remembrance: a beautiful silver pratik made by Him with great affection, which I realized by the way he talked about the care that He had to do it. Our dearest Bhuvanesh will always be in our hearts."

Irmão Bhuvaneshvar (Manuel Antonio Carrera) nasceu em 14/04/1952 em Belville, Cordoba, ARGENTINA. Foi iniciado em 1975 pelo Dada Sumitananda, veio para o Brasil em 1976 para um retiro e não mais deixou o pais. casou-se em um retiro em 13/07/1978 (existem informações seguras que foi o primeiro casamento marguii no brasil). Era pai de sete filhos: Ravi, Mukunda, Prabha, Jyotish Varupa, Bhisma, Aruna e Jaya. Desde que chegou ao brasil, sempre viveu de artesanato de diversas formas , atualmente fazia artesanato em prata, ouro e pedras preciosas (joias em geral). morava em uma chacara na cidade ocidental, cidade do entorno de brasilia, há mais de 20 anos.

Sobre a personalidade dele, te digo que foi um grande pai, as vezes tinhamos que pedir a ele que comprasse uma roupa nova porque as dele estavam de dar vergonha, (é sério), a preocupação dele era que a familia estivesse bem, acho que nunca conheci uma pessoa tão desprendida dos bens materiais mas falar dele, não é nescessario. Acho que voces conheceram ele e ele era exatamente como se mostrava nos retiro. Todos os dias acordava as 5 da manhã pra meditar, ouvia kiirtan o dia todo. Era fã de George Harrison e Ravi Shankar... Bom, falar dele é facil, eu poderia passar a noite aqui...

Bhuvaneshvar, morreu no dia 6 de setembro de 2008 por volta das 23:30, e foi cremado no dia 10 de setembro as 15:30 em uma linda cerimônia com a presença de dois dadas e uma didi e todos os marguis de brasilia cantando babanam kevalam e dançando, como ele gostaria que fosse...
namaskar, Ravi

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Dada Vratadhiirananda

Dada Vratadhiirananda passed away on July 2, 2008.

Born in Maharlika (Philippines), he was a high school teacher when he met Ananda Marga and decided to dedicate his life to serving humanity for Baba's Mission. He trained in Davao Training Center in the 1970's. First he was posted to Brazil in South America (GT Sector) where he worked until 1998. There he organized business projects (importing and selling Indian clothing) that raised enough money to buy the jagrti in Brasilia. Then he supported the Sectorial Office.

In 1998 he was transferred to Nairobi, Kenya as Sectorial Office Secretary, where he served until the end of his life. He started the Ananda Marga Academy in the Kangemi slum in Nairobi in 2000, a primary and high school registered with the Ministry of Education. His goal was to offer affordable education to needy students in a country where secondary education is very expensive. He was the principal and taught English and French. He inspired the Giants of Nairobi to construct a building complex for both the primary and the high school. This school empowered many promising children who would not otherwise have the opportunity to attend secondary school.

He was a speaker at the International Conference on An Interfaith Perspective on Globalisation for the Common Good in Kericho, Kenya, on April 21-24, 2005.

He was a very selfless worker. He loved to read and to sing and partcipated in the cultural program of every retreat. He was also an artist and a poet. His room at the jagrti in Nairobi is lined with his paintings and he self-published his poems.

Didi Ananda Giitika wrote: "One teacher at Kangemi Ananda Marga High School and Primary school came today with tears, asking 'Who will take over what Dada does?' But there is really no answer. Dada was not only the heart and soul of the school, he was prolific in painting pictures that line its walls, and in planting flowers in planters everywhere. I also cannot imagine RDS without these dadas."

"You will live according to His desire; you will die, too, according to His desire. Yesterday I told you to take the name of one only. Today I tell you to depend on one only, not on two. Death will not be painful for you, because in death too you attain Him. Merge with Him with all your love." (Baba, "You Live According to God's Desire")

More photos

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Dada Cidananda

“A very noble soul Ac. Cidanandaji Avt. departed on Saturday at 19-04-2008 for his eternal home with BABA, after having dedicatedly served our Mission and humanity. He was a soft-spoken dada, with great devotion to BABA. He maintained equanimity in the face of many obstacles and stressful situations, in the true spirit of a sadhu. In spite of being terminally ill, he worked tirelessly until dying, and died while being totally involved with mission work. We wish him eternal peace and happiness with BABA.

-Ac. Dhanjoo N. Ghista

Monday, January 07, 2008


Shrii Virendranath Patra

It is with deep pain that I inform you about the sad demise of a very great devotee of BABA, Shrii Virendranath Patra. All who knew him would only address him as Patra Da. He was a very senior devotee of Baba. He passed away on 25th December at 2.34 AM, 2007 in Samastipur, Bihar.

Saturday, January 05, 2008


Tattvika Arjuna - Los Angeles, USA

I would like to inform you that great Arjuna passed away. I just spoke to his daughter Sulocana and his wife Sarada. He passed away at his home around 03.00 AM pacific time. His house had regular Dharmacakra on every Saturday. He attended this Dharmacakra, but during it he started to feel uncomfortable. He has been suffering from brain cancer since a long time. He did great work for the Marga in Los Angles. He put his whole energy in to establishing Ananda Dhama Master unit. He worked day and night to run that project. He was also running weekly yoga class for many years. He created many Margiis and sympathizers. He was great lover of prabhat samgiita. He will be missed by many people. He must be on Baba's lap now. I know his wife Sarada since my arrival in Taiwan in 1979. She used to give yoga class regularly and brought a lot of people to Ananda Marga. I send my deep condolence to his family. He was one of my best friends, I had been talking to from time to time. He always loved to talk to me even though he had so much pain. He was very senior Margiis of USA.

Acarya Iishvarakrsnananda Avadhuta

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Brother Manomaya, Davao, Maharlika, Philippines


With deep regret and sadness, we would like to inform you of the passing away of our dear brother MANOMAYA (legal name Ramon Lemi) who worked as
Human Resource Officer of Baba's Foundation, Inc. and an active margii here in Davao City, Mindanao.

He succumbed to cardiac arrest and stroke, last Dec. 11,2007 at the San Pedro Hospital at around 12:30 noon time. His body now lies in his house at the Blissful Family village, Brgy.Indangan, Davao City. He is scheduled for cremation on Sunday Dec.16,at around 1;00 P.m. His body shall also be brought to the DC hall at the AM Davao training Center in the morning of Dec.16, prior to cremation.

Thank you. Yours,

Baba's Foundation, Davao City, Maharlika (Philippines)

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Dada Devashraddhananda

Dear brothers and sisters,
At 1 am est on 11/24 I received the call from Dr. Mohantiji that our beloved Dada Devashraddhanada had just departed his physical body. His mind was clear and he was surrounded by loving and caring devotees of Baba. His life exemplified the meaning of his name. As Shiva said to Parvatii; "You know, Devii, there are seven essential factors for success.....The first "I must be successful in my mission" ... Secondly "Withdrawing the mind from all other objects, and guiding that mind unto that object which has been accepted as the Absolute Truth, is shraddha. It has no corresponding term in English or Latin, or in any other language. Thirdly "one must develop shraddha for one's preceptor, one's teacher.... Devashraddhadananda.....was such a man. It is often when we are weakest our underlying nature gets expressed.
Dada in the recent and most difficult of times would always first be thinking of the children's homes, the schools and the health conditions of his fellow margiis and acharyas. I am flooded with memories that speak to his kindness and sincerity. I have created an email address for which I invite you to share your fond memories and experiences of our good and close friend: Dadadeva at In the near future we will publish the stories as a testimony to this great soul. In addition, as a fitting gesture to his incredible desire to help the needy, we are creating an endowment fund in his name, for which the principal will be secured and the income generated will go to lend support for the projects he cared so much for. In each of our lives we will be able to name a few that have changed the course of our destiny. For me and my family as for many of us, Dada was such a force.... a DEVA no doubt translating Baba's wishes into action bringing all closer to the BLISSFUL realization of the essence of SHRADDHA.

In His Name,

your brother,


Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Dada Tadbhavananda

A great son of Baba, Dada Tadbhavanandaji passed away in Apollo Hospital Delhi at 3.30 pm today. He was been in coma since last two days. His condition deteriorated this morning. Ever since he was detected to be suffering from cancer early this year, chemo was administered. But his condition was already very advanced and he did not respond different regimes of chemo that was administered. He was under the supervision of Dr. Advani the leading oncologists of India. After his release from jail he was given the best possible treatment under the care Dr. Advani. The fact that he was not responding to the treatment was cause great worry to all. One month ago he was admitted to Apollo Hospital. Despite every effort his condition kept deteriorating.

For more testimonies, please see:

Saturday, March 24, 2007


Ac. Candranath Kumar

One of the first initiates of Rev Baba, Acarya Candranathaji left his mortal body at 0630 am today at his Patna residence. He was initiated in 1953 directly by Rev Baba, Himself.

He was one of the first Acaryas created by Baba at Jamalpur in the beginning of Ananda Marga. His contribution to the mission and Ananda marga society is immense.

Along side Baba, he was a main architect in building the organization and the longest sitting member of the Central Committee. In fact, he was the main inspiration behind the formation of the Central Committee and served it as President for many years.

All through his life he has been a guide and inspiration to Ananda marga society in many ways. He was not keeping good health for the last week or so.

Monday, February 19, 2007


Brother Gagan, Monterrey, Mexico

Gaganji from Monterrey Mexico, a great devotee of Bábá, was murdered on Feb 18, 2007. He was working with translations into Spanish, a member of the Spanish translation forum. He was an architect, had a shop with antiques and used to give lectures on this subject and others in the same city. Gagan did much for the development of Ananda Marga in México. He donated a Master Unit, a school, and a jagrti to Ananda Marga. We remember him with love and respect..

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Sister Madhurita, Cebu, Maharlika

(click on photo to enlarge)

Our beloved sister Madhurita of Cebu, Maharlika (Philippines) passed away on July 10, 2006.

Madhurita (Maria Delia Rubio) was initiated in 1980. As a student leader during her schooldays, she was attracted to the principles of Prout. She became a prout cadre and later on dedicated her life to BABA's mission.
She started teaching in Amsai schools in General Santos in the early 80's. Later when her family transferred to Cebu, she started running her own Amsai school based on Neo-humanistic education. Her school is still in Lapu-Lapu city run by two teachers she personally trained even after she had a major stroke two years ago.
She was the Bhukti Pradan of Cebu diocese, and also the samaj KASUGBU President.
Madhurita is survived by her husband, Jagat Prakash, and their two sons, Tapan Kumar and Cinmaya who will miss her.

NOTE: attached is her picture when she appeared on a promotional streamer inspiring members of the Cebu-based Organization Rehabilitaion Agencies of which she was a member


she took sadhana and meditates twice a day.
she runs a school and pampers 30 children every year.
she tends a home and loves 3 beings for a lifetime.
she started a festival and celebrates it every day.
she asks me if she can be well again.
i said she already is well.
she asks me if i can be with her, this day, feb 14,
i said yes. forever.
last year, she inspired her kind.

Link to her husband's blog

Monday, May 29, 2006


Dada Rudreshvarananda

Acarya Rudreshvaranandaji was initiated in Vientiane, Laos in 1975 by Dada Savitanandaji, and became LFT very soon thereafter. He attended the WT training in the first batch in Sweden and graduated in the summer of 1976. In 30 years as whole time of Ananda Marga, Dadaji worked in Berlin Sector and New York Sector, but it was in Nairobi sector that he spent most of his years as an Acarya. Dadaji was the pioneer of Ananda Marga in many African countries, and visited more than 40 African countries, starting in Congo. From the mid eighties Dadaji concentrated on AMURT work, and started our long term efforts in Burkina Faso. In total he spent about 15 years in Burkina Faso concentrating his energies in the remote desert communities in Oudalan province, with his headquarters in Deou. In this area Dadaji made a profound impact on the communities, and was known and loved throughout dozens of villages. The programs that AMURT has undertaken with Dadaji's guidance include wells, cereal banks, literacy drives, reforestation, road construction, cooperatives, training of health promoters, and most recently safe motherhood programs and training of midwives. He also founded the Ananda Marga master unit in southern Burkina Faso in the village of Bisseri. Here the activities include literacy drive, dispensary and cereal banks and farming. Dadaji was a great personality in Ananda Marga. He has been a pioneer and example in pracar in remote areas, and also in working with poor and neglected on a grassroots level for true community development. He was a dynamic pracaraka who created a large number of Margiis, LFTs and WTs. His absence will be deeply felt. He can never be replaced.

You may read or add your own memories of Dadaji below in the comments.

You can read an indept article written by Dada Rudreshvarananda himself about his experiences in Africa HERE

Local Residents of Deou share stories of how dada helped them.

You can see more photos from the memorial here

Thursday, November 03, 2005



Deborah Peters Barrett, N.D. known also by her Sanskrit name, Diipali, died on Thursday, Nov. 3, 2005, at her home in Portland. She was 53 years old and had been a local naturopathic physician, educator and a Portland resident for the past 20 years.

Diipali was born in Durham, N.C., and raised in Chapel Hill, where both of her parents were physicians and medical educators at the University of North Carolina. She moved with her family to La Jolla, Calif., prior to her senior year of high school and attended the University of California at Santa Cruz, completing a double major in chemistry and biology. After college she worked for several years in Los Angeles as a chemist and became involved in Ananda Marga, which played a significant role in her consciousness for the rest of her life.

She lived for some time in Washington, D.C., where she helped publish a social activist newspaper and became interested in health food cooperatives. She then moved to New Haven, Ct., to manage a food cooperative. In 1985, Diipali enrolled at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine (NCNM) in Portland. She earned her doctorate in 1990 and, following a residency in natural childbirth, had a private practice and served as a clinic physician with Planned Parenthood, before returning to the College to teach. Diipali served as an NCNM faculty member for more than 10 years. She also served as Chair of the NCNM Faculty Senate for four years. NCNM students repeatedly nominated her for faculty appreciation awards, including Docere, Leadership, Benedict Lust, Transformation, and Helping Hand, and she was a recipient of the Tender Heart Award. She was active in many community organizations and volunteered at Franklin High School and Mt. Tabor Middle school.

Diipali has been a strong, independent-minded, compassionate person and cared deeply for her children and family as well as her friends and community. She has always shown a brilliance of energy, a vast “collection of light” as her Sanskrit name, Diipali, means. She was constantly and passionately devoted to improving the world and fighting for the rights of the less fortunate. Diipali is survived by her husband, Richard Barrett, N.D.; her sons, Harper Barrett, 17, and Alec Barrett, 13; her father, Richard M. Peters, M.D. of Palo Alto, Calif.; two sisters, Barbara Peters, M.D. of Palo Alto, and Joan Peters of Menlo Park, Calif.; and a brother, Richard M. Peters, Jr., M.D. of San Diego, Calif.

A service in honor of her life and the light that she shared with the ommunity will be held at 11 a.m. on Saturday, Nov. 19 at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine Great Hall (049 SW Porter St).
In recognition of her dedication to education and the pursuit of knowledge, a scholarship fund has been established in Dr. Diipali Barrett’s honor. Contact Susan Hunter (or 503-552-1512) for more information.

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