Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Brother Manomaya, Davao, Maharlika, Philippines


With deep regret and sadness, we would like to inform you of the passing away of our dear brother MANOMAYA (legal name Ramon Lemi) who worked as
Human Resource Officer of Baba's Foundation, Inc. and an active margii here in Davao City, Mindanao.

He succumbed to cardiac arrest and stroke, last Dec. 11,2007 at the San Pedro Hospital at around 12:30 noon time. His body now lies in his house at the Blissful Family village, Brgy.Indangan, Davao City. He is scheduled for cremation on Sunday Dec.16,at around 1;00 P.m. His body shall also be brought to the DC hall at the AM Davao training Center in the morning of Dec.16, prior to cremation.

Thank you. Yours,

Baba's Foundation, Davao City, Maharlika (Philippines)

My dear brother Manomayajii, Namaskar.

What sad news that you have left us so early. You were only 48 years old.

Sadly, I remember only a few things. You were from Manila, and I initiated you in Paco Yoga House in the early 1980s. After a few weeks you wanted to take LFT training, so I agreed to give you the first lesson of meditation. You went out that night to play music, and didn't come back. The next morning when I asked around, one brother said you had been stabbed! It seems that returning from the gig around midnight, you met him and invited him to the corner to eat some Spanish bread. The baker said something to you that you didn't understand, and then he suddenly went amok and started stabbing you with his knife. The brother with you ran back to the jagrti scared, and incredibly didn't even wake us. When I found you in Philippine General Hospital, you said that you felt someone grab you from behind and pull you away from your attacker, but there was nobody there. Then, standing in the middle of the intersection, bleeding profusely, a jeepney suddenly came and brought you to the emergency room. You were convinced that Baba had saved you. And I was amazed how fast Baba was burning your samskaras!

You were very sincere, and after learning all the lessons you went to Davao to become a Wholetimer. But after passing in the late 80s, you started getting more and more strange symptoms: headaches, dizziness, and one of your eyes kept drooping as if you were sleepy. We informed Dr. Chitra, a Margii neurologist in Singapore, and after some complicated requests for tests that were not done well, she said you should be brought there. The doctors discovered a very dangerous aneurism, a swollen blood vessel in your head. If it burst, it would cause a stroke would likely paralyze your or kill you. The operation took many hours, and later the surgeons told how difficult it was and that they felt somehow God had helped them find and clamp off the dangerous vessel. Once again Baba had saved your life.

You helped so many people. Your smiling outlook inspired everyone around you. Brother, I'm sorry I remember so little. You deserve so much more. I request those sisters and brothers who knew you better to please share what they remember about you.

We are all your family, brother. I will miss you a lot.

Bon voyage, bro.

Your brother forever,

Dada Maheshvarananda
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